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Empowering Individuals to Inspire Change

Direct Marketing Solutions to

Drive Campaigns

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Campaign Promotion

10+ years of expertise in localized direct marketing allows us to effectively raise awareness on a level that supersedes typical mass marketing methods. We truly believe in every one of our client organizations and their campaigns, enabling us to leave deep-rooted impressions in the hearts of communities.

Funding Acquisition

Fundraising techniques that are proven to be effective are employed to acquire funding for both short-term, urgent causes as well as long-term campaigns for lasting change. Our funding acquisition specialists guarantee an assemblage of certified quality donor bases.

Donor Care

Celestia is proud to ensure the long term success of our clients by immaculately managing donor relations. We guarantee positive interactions with all current and potential donors so that they are as happy as we are to support our clients' causes. We know that maintaining a perfect reputation is vital for any non-profit organization and make maintaining brand image our top priority.


Join Celestia

Celestia Marketing ensures the success of our clients by first caring for our team. We are a highly motivated and passionate group who are always supportive and believe strongly in the freedom to creatively express individual brilliance. As an organization, we value initiative, accountability, and ambition.

Celestia Marketing promotes exclusively from within, inspiring ambition and rewarding loyalty. On-going training is provided to accelerate individual career growth. We are here to kick-start your career in sales and marketing in addition to developing key professional capabilities in an industry that is both fulfilling and rewarding.

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