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Join Celestia 

Celestia Marketing ensures the success of our clients by first caring for our team. We are a highly motivated and passionate group who are always supportive and believe strongly in the freedom to creatively express individual brilliance. As an organization, we value initiative, accountability, and ambition.

Celestia Marketing promotes exclusively from within, inspiring ambition and rewarding loyalty. On-going training is provided to accelerate individual career growth. We are here to kick-start your career in sales and marketing in addition to developing key professional capabilities in an industry that is both fulfilling and rewarding.

Why Work at Celestia Marketing?

We have the unique privilege of representing many of the most reputable charities in North America. A career in charity funding acquisition provides valuable experience that opens the door to a variety of opportunities in your professional career that can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Personal Growth

We invest in your personal and professional development. We recognize that the success of our organization stems directly from our team members, which is why our supportive management structure is here to back you in times of both prosperity and trial. At Celestia, you are guaranteed to evolve your business acumen.

Career Advancement

We promote exclusively from within our own walls, inspiring ambition and rewarding loyalty. We are confident in our organizational capability to develop potential talent into excellence, further solidifying the foundation of our company. Individuals who are motivated to go above and beyond are privileged with additional responsibilities and always compensated accordingly.

Key Benefits

  • Weekly pay and additional bonuses

  • On-going professional training

  • Merit based career advancement

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